Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Change Up Cluster

What a fiasco. The Russell Reed situation keeps getting worse. Our illustrious GM, Logan Cooper, decided to stay in Indian Wells, California, and listen to Bud Selig address the GM's at their annual meeting. Probably not a bad idea to stick around for Bud's speech but he never should've hinted to Reed and his advisors that he might take the company jet to Orlando for a half-day to personally discuss the boy's contract.

Can you imagine Reed and his father's delight to find out that Donald DeSear was there to save the day because they weren't important enough to get the GM who originally said he would be there, but later backed out! Think that you, as a parent, would have a bit of a problem with that? Damn, I know I would. From what I heard, DeSear practically got ran out of the house. The only thing that bought him more time was having Logan call during one of his five minute breaks in between meetings.

Logan apologized for not being able to make it but announced his confidence in Donald DeSear as being fully prepared to bring our organization's best offer to the table. He also said he looked forward to getting Reed down to Puerto Rico for some winter ball as soon as the AFL ends. Reed's father and their agent were livid. Perhaps something will happen tomorrow before DeSear leaves town. But I'm not holding my breath.


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