Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Three Total Plate Appearances

If I see another Cracker Barrel on I-75 I'm gonna puke. I swear there's one at every exit. And the sad thing is, I've eaten at three different CB's in the last three days. Sunday, I was in Winter Haven checking out a handful of players at the Florida AAU Fall Classic. Had the homestyle chicken dinner special that night. Monday, I headed up to Tifton, Georgia to have dinner with a high school coach that Manny was tight with. He had something that resembled meatloaf and I had Momma's pancake breakfast...for dinner. And this afternoon, I had a half-pound bacon cheeseburger with steak fries dipped in mayo. Now that I've blown my budget, it's back to Wendy's. Dollar chili and dollar frosty.

Anyhow, after lunch I headed to Warner Robbins, Georgia to watch Middle Georgia State workout. I was there to check out five players. The two outfielders that Manny was tracking and the three senior position players that "stat boy" sent me. I wasn't impressed with any of them. The three recommended by "stat boy" lacked so many tools. One was so fat that he . . . on second thought, some things are best not said. Forget I even mentioned it. Now, if my sport's psychologist buddy were reading this (and he just might be) he'd probably go looking for my cell phone number so he could get on my ass for holding back. I must admit that I've held back entirely too much over the last several weeks and well...to be perfectly honest...I'm overdue. Maybe tomorrow will be your lucky day and I'll go "Billy Martin" on something or someone.

Incidentally, "stat boy" emailed me four junior college players on Monday. Two from Perry, GA and Two from Milledgeville, GA. Where ever the heck they are? All of which failed to grace the pages of Manny's 4 inch, three-ring binder for Georgia and South Carolina prospects. I was about to delete the reports from my inbox when curiosity got the better of me. I printed these out as well as his other reports and added them to the back of Manny's binder. Proving somebody wrong was like hitting a walk-off homer.

I emailed "stat boy" to let him know that I'm going to visit Macon University tomorrow to see what his "can't miss first baseman" actually looks like. I didn't tell him that I was really going to look at the pitcher that Manny was so impressed with. If I read "can't miss" one more time in his scouting reports, I'm definitely gonna to puke.

Damn, I almost forgot. I have to call DeSear tonight. He left a voice mail for me right before stepping on a three hour flight from Denver to Orlando. Both he and our club's GM, Logan Copper, were headed for Orlando to meet with you know who-- Russell Reed and his entourage. Let me just put it this way, the GM doesn't go flying around the country visiting second round draft picks unless something big was about to happen. I should have some news tomorrow.


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