Saturday, December 24, 2005

Texas Leaguer (Part II)

Xavier Pacheco, 3B, R/R, OFP: 52/60
5'10', 170 lbs.
Compact body with an athletic look. Strong legs. Medium frame. Body similar to David Bell when he came out of the draft in 1990. Room to fill out. Father is approximately 5'11', 190, with muscular body.

Hitting for Average and Power: Wide stance on firm base. Rhythm is fluid. Slight uppercut. Quick hands through the zone allowing him to handle breaking ball with ease. Full arm extension and follow-through. Consistently putting the barrell on the ball. Ball jumps off the bat with pop. Little wasted movement. Power CF to pull. Lines the ball to opposite. Not afraid to swing with two strikes. Aggressive with balls in zone. Very disciplined and patient. Scrappy. Loves to work the pitcher. Always spends time after practice in BP. I could see him in the early part of the order.

Fielding and Arm Strength: Low center of gravity and stays in it at all times. Good balance and range. First few steps are quick and decisive. Good nose for the ball. Quick feet to establish solid base to throw from. Hands could be a touch softer. Fast to bunted balls. Slight carry through on throw to first. Throw from deep third has an arc. Off-balanced throws also have an arc but are accurate. Very rarely does his pull the first basemen off the bag or into the base path. Quick release.

Speed: 4.2 seconds on contact to first. Steals at will. Not quite Chone Figgins speed but more like Alfonso Soriano. Very rarely caught. Threat to tag-up on hits anywhere in the outfield. Savvy baserunner with good anticipation. Speed to makeup for any over-aggressiveness. Turns routine doubles into triples.

Weaknesses: To play third at the next level he needs to strengthen his arm. His arm is average to below-average which means he will only be able to throw out average to below-average runners. He could also use some more power in his bat. Although he hits it hard, most of his hits are line drives. Even during BP his HRs are mostly on a line.

Summary: If he doesn't improve on his arm strength, I can see him being moved to second base. Although he does produce runs, I see him as more of a run scorer at the next level. More of a Wade Boggs-type of third base hitter. Likely to score more runs than RBIs on a consistent basis with home run production in the low teens. Will hit plenty of extra bases. Like a Marcus Giles if moved to second. Also has the potential to be a dependable base stealer like Soriano.

The Sixth Tool: Enjoys the game. Early to practice, latest to leave. Helps coach younger players. Vocal leader. Takes direction well. Eager to improve and self-motivated. Wants it on his shoulders to knock home the winning run. Bounces back well after errors or bad plate appearances. Not easily distracted. Same level of mental focus in practice as in the games. Pit bull scrapper. Always covered in red clay. No desire to play college. Tough family life. Mother passed away at a young age. Father works two jobs and is rarely at home or at the games.


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