Friday, March 24, 2006

Ace (Part II)

That was all I needed to hear but Goldie persisted. Come to find out the kid was already late for a poker tournament at some frat house. I stood there dumbfounded as he quickly ditched his ball cap in exchange for a lid that endorsed an online poker site. It is my ignorant understanding that the NCAA rules prohibit wagering on the outcomes of sporting events, but when it comes to poker and casino-type games, it is silent. But if he receives any benefits from endorsing that online poker site, I would think that his eligibility could be called into question.

You hear of those people that win some online satellite tournament and are invited to play at some big-shot tournament in person. Many times the company that sponsored the online satellite tournament requires the winner to endorse their website if they wish to play in the big-shot tournament. I wonder if that's the deal here?

Anyhow, our little "Johnny Chan wanna-be" swears that he's well on his way to being a star in Texas Hold'em. He flat out told us that he feels like he can get to the final table in any tournament. If only he had that much confidence in his fastball. He said he learned the game by watching it on ESPN.

I asked him, "Which game? Baseball or poker?" He didn't answer. Of course, I didn't expect him to answer. I'm not interested in a gambler. It's not the type of person I want to put into the organization. Look at the story involving A-Rod. The Yankee's allegedly warned A-Rod to stay away from illegal poker clubs. They obviously were concerned that poker might darken A-Rod's image and that of their organization. And I completely understand. It is not in the best interest of professional baseball to have their players associated with gambling.

Goldie, a crime-boss in the making, completely disagrees with me . . .


Anonymous southwest brewer said...

good stuff

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Anonymous southwest brewer said...

what the hell is taking so long? i assume you're a writer and the doc doesn't exist, but it's still good stuff. so how about another blog entry!

Need something? How about the time you met Ray Birmingham of NMJC.

Let me know if I can help.

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Blogger Mike said...

Kid on my college team was a huge gambler, took way too many chances in life. He was a shortstop and a darn good one too, watched him spit out dirt plenty of times going after shots up the middle. But there was something about the thrill of gambling that really appealled to him, it had the same hold on him as baseball, and it never went away.

Never showed up for graduation, his parents were there but his seat was empty. Came to find out he was in $25k deep to a bookie who had a couple guys there to make sure he paid up. So they took his Dad's car, which was full of all sorts of academic records, as insurance.

Ran into him at an alumni event a few years ago, he's now fat and sells insurance. Washed out of the Expos organization a few years ago for (guess what) gambling on the outcomes of games. He would bet the other teams on the field during warm ups. I guess maybe you know who I am talking about, gambling is a huge problem with kids these days.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Tell us about the time you met Ray Birmingham at NMJC.

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