Saturday, March 04, 2006

Change Up

Where is everybody? I can't get a hold of Doc. Stat boy and PC geek aren't calling me back. But then again, what else is new. I did find it strange, however, that someone from the front office called me this morning. I didn't recognize the woman's voice but the number on my cell phone did match up with the front office number so I know it wasn't a prank. She told me to go to the Tampa International Jet Center instead of the main terminal and reminded me that I was to be there at 12:00 noon sharp.

Odd that someone in the front office was working on Saturday, but I guess even those 9 to 5 folks have to work a weekend or two every now and then. And it was also odd that I was being asked to go to the general aviation terminal instead of where the commercial airlines load and unload passengers. DeSear hardly ever get's to take a ride in the charter fleet. Logan does it all the time, but DeSear? Almost never.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am here for what it is worth...waiting patiently to find out what happens...wishing you all the luck.


4:15 PM  

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