Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pick Off Attempt

I barely heard my cell phone vibrating on the hotel night stand. Somehow I woke up. In a daze, I fumbled my hands on top of the night stand only to knock the phone onto the floor. Without thinking, I prodded my fingers over the grungy hotel room carpet in hopes that the phone would magically appear in the darkness. The good news was that I quickly found the phone before the caller hung-up. The bad news was that I quickly found the phone before the caller hung-up.

When the national scouting director calls you at 6:15 a.m. to ask about three prospects in Georgia that you've never heard of, chances are that the rest of your phone call isn't going to help your standing with the organization. Not to mention that Donald DeSear was already sitting at his desk in Texas when he called. That's 5:15 a.m. his time. I could tell he was loaded with at least one pot of coffee and ready to rip me from one end to the other.

I tried to deflect his questions by saying that I was headed to Georgia this weekend and that there was a good chance that Goldie had already set it up for me to see those guys. But of course, he didn't.

"No, Goldie already sent me the list of players that he plans to show you this weekend and during the next week. What I'm talking about are the three prospects that you refused to look at."

Unfortunately, it was all coming back to me. Freaking Goldie. Going behind my back to stick it to me. We simply ran out of time and I had to get back to Florida to catch a tournament. I told him that I would take a raincheck on seeing the players but when I saw that Manny had no notes whatsoever on them, I figured they too were loser prospects just like his can't miss first baseman who doubled for the Pillsbury doughboy. I never got back to him to reschedule.

DeSear then proceeded to grill me for the next 30 minutes on being a team player. I don't know how much longer I can put up with this nonsense. But that's not all. He's going to call me later this evening once both he and Logan Cooper decide on some form of corrective action. This ought to be good. I wonder if I'll get the paddle?


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