Monday, March 20, 2006


Less than four months at the job and Goldie's been given more responsibility. Dare I say a promotion. When DeSear uttered the words more responsibility I almost threw up. Of course, when my sympathetic feelings toward Goldie wore off about ten minutes down the road from the Bankman house, I was fast on the phone with DeSear. I could care less that Goldie was in the van hearing every word. Shoot, I even put DeSear on speaker.

"He's a freaking bird dog for cryin' out loud. He basically promised to pay the kid a $750,000 signing bonus! I can't even do that!"

It was now my opportunity to throw Goldie under the bus and I wasn't going to waste anytime letting DeSear know how I felt. But to my dismay, DeSear was unmoved. In fact, DeSear followed up with, "Do you think he's worth that much?"

As if Goldie did no wrong. I kept trying to go back to how poorly Goldie handled the situation but DeSear refused to go down that road. He kept wanting to zero-in on whether $750,000 was too much.

Goldie leaned over and announced that he was just toying with Shawn's father. That he didn't make any promises and that he simply wanted to see the man's reaction. Afterwhich, he felt like farmer Bob was totally bluffing and that Shawn would probably sign anything from the 5th round or better-- but that he probably wouldn't last later than the 4th round (meaning that a $300,000-$500,000 bonus range was probably more reasonable). According to Goldie, neither Shawn nor his father were seriously looking at any colleges and that Shawn confided in him that he was going pro no matter what.

That was good enough for DeSear.

As for me, Goldie had piqued my curiosity. He's been sandbagging me all this time. This kid wasn't simply all WHIP ratios and on-base percentages. I had to find out what else he had in his bag of tricks.


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