Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Delmon Young Suspension

They can't be serious. 50 games and 50 hours of community service? Is that all? Kid was lucky I wasn't the Int'l League president because he'd be riding the pine for the rest of the season. And to say that it's only 50-games because the president couldn't prove "intent" is a complete joke. Young could probably throw his bat at the shortstop from home plate and hit him 9 times out of 10. Look, if I shoot a bullet in the general direction of someone because I'm angry with them but because of my bad aim I end up blowing a hole in their chest, I'm going down for murder or at least involuntary manslaughter. What if that bat connected with the ump's head and killed him? Is Young's lack of "intent" argument going to hold water?

A person "intends" a consequence when he or she foresees that it will happen if the given series of acts or omissions continue and desires it to happen (Wikipedia). You be the jury.

If you haven't seen it by now, here is Young's "lack of intent":

"I sincerely regret my actions in the game yesterday," Young said in a statement released by the office of his agent, Arn Tellem. "Regrettably, in the heat of the competition my emotions got the better of me.

"My behavior was completely unacceptable. I want everyone to know that I recognize that it is never right to throw a bat and I certainly never intended for the bat to make contact with the umpire. Nevertheless, I owe an apology to my team, the fans and most importantly to the umpire, for the incident. I am sorry."

Young was suspended three games for bumping an umpire while playing for Montgomery of the Double-A Southern League, and he nearly was ejected earlier this season after flinging a bat in the air and having it land about 20 feet from a pitcher who had just hit him with a pitch.

And to make matters worse, the regular umpire crews for the minor leagues have been out on strike. Many of the replacement umps have college and high school experience but Young wasn't ready to cut them any slack.

Understand that Young is back in Triple-A to get a better grasp of the strike zone. Some would also argue that the Ray's depth in outfield is another reason he's in Durham. Maybe so, but a lot has been said recently about his inability to see the strike zone. I'm sure those comments were echoing in the back of his mind when the ump called a third strike. You can only imagine what he was thinking. Awe &$%#. I've got to deal with another strikeout because this turkey can't see.

Taking a called third strike goes right to the heart of his "strike zone" problem. All of his frustrations had to peak at the moment of decision. Only one problem, 99.9% of the players are able to suppress their actions at the moment of decision. Young on the other hand, could not.

You simply cannot count on Young to be there over the long-haul. What good are his five-tools if he ain't playin'? Give me a two or three-tool player that has the sixth tool over any five-tool player that doesn't. Young could learn a thing or two from Jonny Gomes.


Anonymous lisa gray said...

i don't guess this got anything to do with the fact that delmon is a #1 pick?

he need a serious kick in the ass.

he think he can do whatever he want and he won't get shtt for it - look at how he was talkin bout the management last year how they HAD to call him up in sept no matter what.

he better wise his ass right quick - it's not the bad ol days

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FLIP MASTER wrtites....

Your missin the whole point cutter,
Desmond should have kicked his a**
the ball was a foot off the black.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous MLB 2k11 said...

Nice one....don't repeat this kinds of hit...

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2:12 AM  

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