Friday, May 12, 2006


Just got back to my hotel room after standing in one of those self-checkout lines at a Super Walmart in Atlanta. The place was packed. Of course, the guy in front of me was paying with pennies, nickels and dimes. Dropping each coin into the machine one at a time. I couldn't believe it. But what got me was that after he was done putting in $15 worth of coins for $12.28 of merchandise (Believe me, I had plenty of time to look at his check-out screen to see what was going on), he gladly took his $2 in dollar bills and $.72 in coinage and off he went! Someone please help me with this?

Anyhow, I'm in Atlanta with my old boss, Toby Bradford, (who as you may or may not remember is now the area scout responsible for the metro-Atlanta area and everything north of I-20), and one of our national cross-checkers ( yes, the same one who looks like Tom Selleck). The two held a private workout this afternoon in order to get a better look at several local JC and HS players. I decided to join them, along with Goldie, to see what Toby had compared to what we were seeing in central/south Georgia. Of course, the kids that were invited weren't necessarily the cream of the area but rather those who, for one reason or another, didn't get scouted by the cross-checker when he was doing his rounds earlier in the year.

Tomorrow, the cross-checker will be joining Goldie and myself for our own private workout in Macon. We've invited a select group of JC and HS players that we wanted a second look at. Again, these aren't necessarily our best players in the central/south Georgia area (the cross-checker already knows what they can do) but rather those kids who are likely to go between the 8th and 20th rounds. Many of them are Goldie's (i.e. Manny had nothing on them). But a few are Manny's which, of course, have more credibility with me and will most likely show better in front of the cross-checker. It should be an interesting afternoon because the cross-checker, unlike DeSear and Logan, hasn't been too warm and fuzzy over Goldie's stat-induced, scouting reports.

Monday, the cross-checker will be with me in Charleston, South Carolina. Tuesday afternoon, we'll be in Orlando joined by a second cross-checker and also DeSear himself. Wednesday morning, the two cross-checkers, DeSear, and myself will travel to South Florida. With the exception of a few one-offs, these private workouts should be the final work outs in-front of the cross-checkers. After these workouts, I'll be focusing primarily on signability issues. Of course, during the three days leading up to the draft I'll go back to having private workouts for my top prospects. I'll bring in a former player or two to organize a light workout. This is mainly to keep the kids occupied - so to speak (i.e. away from the other scouts trying to contact them).

Needless to say, 25 days before the draft is an extremely busy time and it's only going to get more hectic from here on out.


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