Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Setting the Lineup

It's getting really crazy around here. And after talking with a cross-checker last evening, it looks like it's only going to get more crazy after the draft. It seems that with each passing day, the stock in our Florida and Georgia prospects keep rising. It was fortunate that I started out looking for 265 eligible draft prospects. If you remember back in December I projected 170 draftees coming out of my territory-- but now that number looks to be low. That's why I build in a cushion.

So, I've prepared both Goldie and Carson to be ready for what looks to be a robust signing opportunity for us. I normally don't get too excited when the rumormill turns to Florida, but this time it seems to be legit. Funny thing is that I haven't really noticed a pop in our region's talent level this year. That must mean that the talent level across the board is slightly lower than usual making for a sleepy draft. Of course, that'll mean the focus, as well as the pressure, will be centered on me to make the most out of what some in our scouting department are calling a lackluster draft. But understand that this draft, like most drafts, will yield a highly talented group in the first couple rounds. Beyond that, however, is the true measure of a draft's talent level.

And all I know is Florida/Georgia/South Carolina and the fact that the cross-checkers are calling me everyday with signability questions and looking for any signability updates. I had eight draftees last year. It could be as many as 15-20 this year. That's a lot of contracts. That's a lot of pressure. That's insane. Fortunately, (and I'd never thought I would say this) I'll have some help this year with Goldie and Carson. Of course, DeSear and perhaps Cooper will also be down this way for the larger, high-profile signings if they should happen in the early rounds.

And I forgot to mention that's also a lot of parents. I'm talking with them everyday now. I'll give you my approach with the parents on my next post. I have some rules I try to adhere to. Unfortunately, some other scouts in my area don't.


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