Tuesday, June 06, 2006

2006 Draft: Opening Day

556 players later and I'm completely spent. The first 18 rounds were a blur. Although I can't tell you how many from Florida/Georgia/South Carolina we selected (that would be too obvious), what I can tell you was that Goldie and Carson were text messaging their fingers off while I spent more time on the phone than any opening draft day I can remember. Tomorrow should be equally if not more insane. Thankfully, we were able to book all our draftees for signing appointments before this coming Sunday.

Overall, I was looking for 130 prospects being drafted out of Florida in the entire draft. Unless I missed a couple, there were 72 drafted from Florida in the first 18 rounds. That's pretty high. Fortunately I built my lists up to about 150 prospects. I suspect we will go over that number by the end of tomorrow. But I'm not too worried because not every draft pick will show up on my list. For example, there were 16 kids picked this afternoon that never made my list of prospects. I either missed the boat or some other scout is taking a gamble. I admit that it's probably the former. But on the flip side, I'm sure these same scouts didn't have all 72 kids on their prospect sheets either.

Georgia was also higher than I thought with 22 draftees. I projected 45 coming out of Georgia for the entire draft. Same story with South Carolina who had way more draftees than I expected thanks to Clemson's run in the post-season. Funny how scouts jumped on the bandwagon with the Clemson players. I'm sure the College of Charleston and South Carolina U will have their due tomorrow.

Anyhow, speaking of tomorrow, it's already here and I'm beat.


Anonymous southwest brewer said...

Cutter, when do we get the update on the fictional flame thrower that walked off the mound in his last game?

Did he punch the GM yet? Decided to join an independant league? First round draft choice?

Send him to the Diablos. We need him.

12:32 AM  

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