Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rocket's Red Glare

With short-season Class A and rookie ball getting off to a great start, it's been one of those proud papa moments again. We were able to sign five draftees before play started.

SS Orlando Fonseca
RHP Dallas Parker
C Mac Thomas
RHP Rio Cabrera
OF Cedric Franklin

The last two were Goldie's alone. If you remember, I objected to Rio Cabrera due to poor mechanics. But Cabrera has already had an excellent outing in his first rookie ball appearance and is getting some unusual attention from our GM Logan Cooper. Shortly after the game, Logan apparently made some lofty comments about Cabrera's "rocket arm." He even hinted that several more appearances like that and he'll be quickly promoted to high-A or perhaps double-A. But what got me was that he apparently thanked Goldie for all his hard work in uncovering and signing Rio.

And then he went on to praise OF Cedric Franklin! Yes, this was the homeless man loitering around first. He's getting a shot in center field and so far has made the most of his 28+ plate appearances. .325 batting average and .408 on-base-percentage. But more staggering are the 3 HRs and 7 RBIs. I may have to revise his nickname from dough-boy to C-Note. And of course, Logan took the opportunity to give another pat on the back to Goldie.

What about my draftees you ask?

Well let's see. Dallas was a no-show on the first day our rookies were supposed to report. That went really good for me. 30 minutes after the check-in time both Cooper and DeSear were on my like two crazed junkyard dogs.

"Where's Dallas?" DeSear asked over the phone.

Of course he showed up the next day, but not without a story. I'll get to that on the next post. But for now, I'm actually getting ready to watch some of the MLB afternoon games. Thank goodness for baseball on July 4th! And of course, a major thank you for the men and women who continue to make our freedom possible and to all those who have gone before them to make our freedom possible to begin with.


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What's this about Franklin being homeless? I missed that post and can't find it. What's the link?

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