Monday, July 17, 2006

Up In The Zone

The two undecided draftees are still my primary focus. Even with the summer camps and tournaments in full swing for the 2007 draft prospects, I have to really concentrate on making a solid showing with these two kids. In my world, the difference between five and seven signees is pretty large. Especially given the number of draftees from my area. But it won't be easy and with each passing day, the odds of them signing become less and less.

RHP Marcus Brown was one out away from finishing his sophomore year at junior college with a no-hitter. I was there. And so were four other scouts. His slider is the main draw. He consistently drives it down and away from a RH batter with a short repeatable delivery. One of the better sliders in my area. He mixes in a two-seamer in the neighborhood of 89-90 mph that tails into the knees of the RH batter. Both with nearly identical deliveries making it very difficult on the batter. At times, however, he gets under his slider early causing him to tip his pitch and hang it up in the zone. His frame is most likely tapped out at 5'10" 180 lbs which hurt him in the draft. But he's a standout in JC ball and would probably have his way with opposing batters in his junior year. Both he and his father are weighing the benefits of going to a 4-yr versus signing. We took him somewhere in the early-middle rounds. He was a draft and follow prospect with another team last year, but he failed to sign when they allegedly offered him tenth round money. Now I'm offering him less money, which means he could very well end up a draft and follow prospect for us.

LHP Cody Brewer probably should go to college but he has zero desire to hit the books. His parents won't even talk to me. They see college as the only way for him to go. Cody, on the other hand, has other ideas. He pretty much sealed his draft day success with some big appearances on the summer showcase and tournament tour. It also didn't hurt that he matched up well against some top HS talent this spring. A big strong frame who ironically doesn't pitch off his fastball. He has an above-average curveball that he can throw for strikes and a nasty split finger that really makes 'em look stupid. Unfortunately, he doesn't project too much more. What you see is what you'll most likely get. His four-seamer sits between 89-91 mph with above average command. Although he's already committed to a 4-yr university, he hasn't stepped onto campus just yet. I've offered a hundred times to speak with his folks but I can't get an audience to save my life. Even when I offer to get DeSear or Cooper to speak with them, I get the same cold shoulder. I honestly didn't think signability would be an issue given his selection in the early rounds. And let's face it, the slot money ain't pocket change. This one could be the proverbial straw if he doesn't sign.

I should know something for sure from each of these guys by the end of next week at the latest.


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